Pilkington and energiKare logoAt Direct Trade we only use the finest components, which is why our glazed frames are supplied with Pilkington EnergiKare sealed units.

A rated windows

Our standard IGU incorporates Pilkington K Glass (hard coat) on the inside and Pilkinkton Optiwhite on the outside, allowing us to achieve an ‘A’ rating as standard. Pilkington Optiwhite possesses ‘extra clear’ properties, allowing more sunlight and heat to enter a room through the window.

A+ rated windows

If you would like to upgrade to an A+ Window Energy Rating we will use an IGU with Pilkington KS Glass on the inside and Pilkington Optiwhite on the outside. Pilkington KS Glass incorporates a soft coat that reflects heat back into the room whilst letting in heat from the sun, a process known as passive solar gain.

Our Pilkington EnergiKare sealed units are manufactured in accordance with BS EN 1279 and safety glass complies with BS EN 14449, BS EN 12150 and BS EN 12543. All sealed units are guaranteed against breakdown (i.e condensation within a unit) for 10 years within the date of delivery.

The difference between glass with Pilkington EnergiKare and without

Without Pilkington EnergiKare™
Standard IGU without Pilkington EnergiKare
Note: Additional small reflections, from Surface 2 and Surface 4, not shown.
With Pilkington EnergiKare™
IGU with Pilkington EnergiKare
Note: Less heat is emitted from Surface 2 and Surface 4.